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Risk & Reward: The Business Game

Hazard games are surrounded by strategies and supported by the Gambling Theory that increase a player’s edge over the game. In this SCH Self-Discovery Team Building Games, your team will collaborate to find these strategies and figure out how to apply them in a
game situation.


This dynamic exercise will discuss the strategies making a parallel with business decisions and the role of probability, risks and reward when making uneducated decisions and comparing results with educated decisions.


The SCH Self-Discovery Team Building Games uses the Roulette and Blackjack games with a panel into the business discussions.


Our Event Manager will tailor the event to your needs and curiosity, with the option to teach the team leader or manager how to run the exercise without having our official moderator in place.

Risk & Reward: the Business Game IN A NUTSHELL


Fun, the role of probability in the decision making process, understand risk profiles, risk vs reward equation.


From 3 - 6 hours


At your own space or at Casino Ambassador


Casino - All inclusive or A la Carte. H&Hotels Venue - Catering Available Your Space - Not Available


Casino Ambassador - Max 32 people Portable Casino - Max 80 people

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