Casino Ambassador

Happy Hour

Having a great event is not only your goal, it is a dream to come true. 


And a casino-themed event can achieve that at ease. The excitement, the laughs, the lucky strikes, all these situations without the risk of
losing any money:


Your Event Aims Donations

Or you are organizing a charity event trying to make it easy to collect donations maximizing offering while making it FUN.

monthly Happy Hour

Take part in one of our game classes at our monthly Happy Hour. Happy Hour are one of the most anticipated events your company holds monthly.


It is the time to show your staff your appreciation for their hard work, giving them a great day or night where fun is contagious, people that never spoke can become best friends.


It is a time to get teams together and celebrate another year of collaboration.

Booking required

Then you throw a casino-themed party and your problems are solved.


Fun and traditional, our games are played without risks and only the fun part will stay in their memories for months to come.


Our collaboration with sister-company H&Hotels Group offers a wide range of venues and catering to make sure your party will lack nothing.