Casino Ambassador

Team Building Event

We received a request from a Norwegian business that was sending their team to Prague for a teambuilding trip. They heard about Casino Ambassador and wanted to experience our
service, however, the company didn’t want to send them to gamble early and get stuck in the game as they had a dinner and a party set for the remainder of the night.


We offered a table game exercise where the group would play for points instead of money, playing a roulette tournament and enjoying a blackjack masterclass, all while being served house drinks, cocktails and a small catering of cold cuts, cheeses, focaccias bread and fruits for a pre-dining event. They would pay for the service a flat fee and the event would end at the time decided, avoiding that the partygoers would lose the sense of time while playing freely.


On the day of the event, we set up a catering table next to a blackjack and a roulette table, making it a private corner. We had a waitress at their disposal mixing drinks and serving wine, while another waiter ran for beers and refills. As the group arrived, they were welcomed with prosecco and fruits.


We splitted the party into two groups composed of 5 pairs. Each pair received a Team Name inspired by Cocktails, i.e.:

  • Tequila Titans
  • Margherita Mavericks or Whisky Wonders

While Group 1 went to learn Blackjack rules and game tips from one of our croupiers, Group 2 went to play the roulette tournament, where each team received 10.000 points (chips). The teams were betting a minimum of 800 points per spin. By the end of the 15 minutes, the points were counted and the top 2 teams classified for the final round.


They stopped a little to drink, eat and network for 10 minutes.
Group 1 and 2 then swapped games and the tournament repeated with Group 1 while Group 2 went to learn Blackjack.


After 15 minutes, again the top 2 teams qualified for the final round where they played against the top 2 teams of group 2.


After another 10-minute break, they played a 30-minute final. At the end, the team with more chips was called the winner.


At the end, they gathered the group and left for a nice dinner in one of the restaurants nearby.