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Private Poker Party

You can hire a private poker table, to play among your friends while enjoying our services, including drinks.


Our professional dealers have the ability to teach your guests about the game rules in a fun way.


No rake: Playing with friends keeping the party money intact. When you hire a private table, there is no rake charge, therefore all the money that the group put on the table, stays with the group to continue the party later.


We need at least 3 WEEKS notice to guarantee your reservation.

Private Poker Table

Sean, an Irishman in his 30’s was the best-man for his mate’s wedding, and decided to organise a bachelor trip with 20 of their best friends to Prague in a cold January.
Being social gamblers, they reached out asking for a reservation to play poker or table games.


Given the freezing temperature outside, we offered a warming up private poker party at the casino. An afternoon event with private poker tables, professional dealers looking after the game, and filled with complimentary house drinks – draft beer, red and white wine, soft drinks, coffee and tea. The group paid the service per hour, meaning that they rented the space for a flat fee, and not paying rake on game, therefore all the money the party brought to play, would stay among the party, only exchanging hands between themselves. An easy way to calculate an exact investment for the party. They wanted to have a memorable party, and we hired a professional photographer to capture the party at an extra cost.


On the day of the party, the group arrived about 10 minutes prior to the event for the compulsory registration at the casino reception, where they must present their IDs and have their photograph registered according to Czech law.

We set up two private tables near the bar, where two poker dealers were already waiting for them. Sean went to the cash desk with the amount of money the party had agreed to play and exchanged the full amount into playing chips, splitting the chips equally among the partygoers. While at the cash desk, he also paid for the 3 hour party.


Our waitresses were waiting for the group with a welcoming prosecco while they organised themselves around the tables and got the chips ready for the game.


Two of the party goers that didn’t play poker, set themselves at the blackjack table at their own risk, while still enjoying the service from the party.


They played, they drank, they laughed for the whole 3 hours and at the end got a magical group photo at the poker room.


Already happy and warmed up, they left at 6 pm to have dinner at a nearby restaurant before hitting Prague’s nightlife.


House Rules

Your party Your Rules

* Limited for small games.
* No tournaments-like games.
* For high-roll games, please contact us directly on +420224193681

We kindly request a minimum booking window of

3 WEEKS To Best Serve You

We cannot guarantee an event will be possible if booked with less than 3 weeks prior the event date.

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