Casino Ambassador

Corporate Events

Having a great event is not only your goal, it is a dream to come true. 


And a casino-themed event can achieve that at ease. The excitement, the laughs, the lucky strikes, all these situations without the risk of
losing any money:


Your Event Aims Donations

Or you are organizing a charity event trying to make it easy to collect donations maximizing offering while making it FUN.

corporate events fun and glamour

Casino Ambassador corporate events bring the fun and glamour of a casino without the risk of losing money.


Your team and colleagues will have the simulated casino with:

Make more fun and include competition, prizes, draws or team play. Up to 150 people.

skilled dealers

Our skilled dealers will teach the game rules, best practices, popular strategies and entertain the guests.
The unique VIP Korun will allow you to add prize drawing, team competition, charity donations or a internal ranking.


VIP CLUB creative team will happily discuss and find solutions to the best possible event.
Our collaboration with the H&Hotels Group brings a whole portfolio of venues and catering


Send us a message and let’s start planning together.

We kindly request a minimum booking window of

3 WEEKS To Best Serve You

We cannot guarantee an event will be possible if booked with less than 3 weeks prior the event date.