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Black Jack


100 CZK (4 EUR)


5,000 CZK (200 EUR)

Black Jack is played with six decks of cards of 52 cards each and of the same suit.

Game Types

The Ace counts as “1” or “11”, picture cards (J, Q, K) count as “10” and all other cards as indicated by their Face Value.



The Game

The purpose of this game is to have a higher total than the dealer, but never to exceed “21”. Whenever the total of your cards exceed “21” you immediately lose, regardless of the dealer’s cards.


The best possible hand is Black Jack, comprising of two cards – an “Ace” and any “10” value card. Black Jack is paid at 3:2. All other winning bets are paid at 1:1. If your total is the same as the dealer’s, this is a stand-off – in other words – neither you nor the dealer win or lose.


The dealer deals two cards to each player, but only one card to himself. All cards are dealt face up. The dealer will ask all players in turn whether or not they want another card. Every player must show clearly (either verbally or manually) whether or not they want another card until the total of their cards is 21 or more.

cards exceeds

After that, the dealer will deal himself a second card. The dealer will now finish dealing the rest of their cards until a total of 17 or more is reached. If the total of the dealer?s cards exceeds 21, all players remaining in the game win. All players, whose total is less than that of the dealer, lose.


If you receive Black Jack and the dealer’s first card is not an Ace or a 10 value card,

you win and your bet will be paid at 3:2 immediately.

Doubling your Bet

You can double your original bet after you received your first two cards. You can double any hand, except Black Jack. The Double bet must always be the same amount as the original bet in the box where you ask for Double. The Double bet must be always placed behind the original bet. If you choose to double, you will receive only one more card.

Splitting your Cards

You can create four separate hands at maximum on one game box. The only exception is an Ace, which can be split just once and for which you will receive only one more card. If the total of the first two split cards is 21, it is not Black Jack and, if it is a winning combination, it will be paid out in the ration of 1:1. In this case, the dealer′s Black Jack wins. You can also double your bet with any total of the first two split hands.


If the dealer’s first card is an “Ace,” you may insure your bet against the dealer′s possible Black Jack. The maximum
insurance bet is 50% of your original bet.


The insurance bet must be always placed in the INSURANCE field on the left hand side (from your point of view) of the bet you wish to insure.


If the dealer does make Black Jack, all losing bets are collected and then the insurance bet is paid 2:1. If the dealer’s second card is not 10, all insurance bets are collected and the game continues.

Even money

If you receive Black Jack and the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you can ask for EVEN MONEY. If you decide to do so, you will only be paid 1:1.


After having received your first two cards, you may ask to surrender before the dealer deals a third card to the player on the first box or before this player decides to withdraw from the game. The dealer collects 50% of the bet from the players asking to surrender and picks up their cards.

You may not surrender if:

The dealer’s first card is an Ace.
You insure your bet against the dealer’s Black Jack.